As part of my ENG services, I provide live broadcasts from the field using the LiveU LU300S, utilizing the 5G network shared across AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon for seamless coverage and enhanced performance.

I chose the LU300S for its 5G compatibility. It supports up to four 5G/4G cellular connections from major carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, with two internal dual-SIM modems, two external modems, LAN, and one hot spot. This ensures a stable live stream, crucial for reliable connections required by various networks.

IFB return audio via iPhone or LiveU.


Presenting a comprehensive array of production services, I specialize in overseeing substantial corporate multi-camera productions. In my role as the director of photography, I collaborate closely with camera, lighting, and production teams to effectively manage shoots. I also possess the adaptability to handle not just DP responsibilities but also lighting and sound aspects for smaller budget projects. With the ownership of three Sony FX6 cameras, as well as lighting and sound equipment, I am fully equipped to meet the demands of both modest and extensive multi-camera productions.

Expanding my scope of production services, I possess both the technical prowess and equipment to seamlessly stream multiple cameras through platforms like LiveU, Zoom, or Skype, enhancing live programming and creating captivating remote interview experiences.

Moreover, I extend Auto-cue services and equipment, which can be operated locally through Bluetooth control or accessed remotely via a webpage for remote editing and operation.

Furthermore, I harness cutting-edge gimbal technology, specifically DJI’s Rs3 model, in conjunction with Easyrig camera support, to ensure fluid and uninterrupted camera movements throughout all of my projects.

News and Multi-Camera Interviews

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working within newsrooms and for prominent broadcasters such as BBC, Al Jazeera, Seven, and Nine Australia, among others.

My expertise lies in capturing and editing high-profile news stories on location. Utilizing technologies like BGAN, LiveU, and Dejero, I transmit rushes and live content to media hubs and program directors.

I take pleasure in covering impactful breaking news, whether it’s in NYC or through travel. Collaborating closely with reporters and producers, I endeavor to deliver compelling stories while upholding on-air deadlines and commitments.

Moreover, I find joy in filming multi-camera interviews for esteemed programs such as Seven Sharp, 60 Minutes Australia, Talk to Al Jazeera, G Zero Media, ABC Four Corners, and BBC Hardtalk, among others. This further enhances my passion for delivering engaging content.