Stephen Greaves

Highly dedicated, organized, and flexible creative broadcasting professional with seventeen years of experience. Stephen is exceptionally talented in a wide range of cinematic broadcast sectors. He oversees all creative aspects from; Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production, specializing as director of photography and editor.

Recent Work


I often work with Amazon. Al Jazeera International. ABC Australia. Seven Network Australia. Nine Network Australia. BBC World News. Dyson. Vice. Spotx. Al Jazeera Arabic.

60 Minutes Australia | Seven Sharp | BBC Documentaries | Talk to Al Jazeera | Four Corners | Spotlight

Production Update

As a creative professional and small business owner in the production industry, I'm always looking for ways to innovate and move with industry trends. So I wanted to take a moment to update you on the latest equipment and work I've been trusted to shoot this year in 2022, from New York and abroad. Having a multi-disciplined skill set allows me to shoot a variety of genres; such as, documentary filming with BBC and high-profile multi-camera interview shoots for 60 Minutes Australia. I enjoy the variety of having the time to shoot and light multi-camera interview set-ups or work in the field following the story as it unfolds. I've recently upgraded my multi-camera interview capabilities with Sony's latest line of cameras. I've purchased the latest lighting technology from Aputure and can now switch and preview up to four cameras on location via Zoom for remote interview set-ups. I'm passionate about each project I work on and the technical tools I've invested in for my clients and their production needs.

Sony Cinema Cameras

I own and work with the latest Sony cinema cameras, the FX6, and FX3. Pairing these cameras together on multi-camera productions is ideal because they both share the cinematic color science of S-Cinetone, full-frame image sensors, and have an impressive dynamic range, which is perfect for well-lit interiors and outdoor documentary shooting. One main benefit I see in these cameras is portability, working with smaller full-frame cinematic cameras leads to more creative and dynamic shots, which is why I've chosen the Sony FX6, and FX3 cameras.

Interview Lighting

I enjoy lighting interviews for a moody and dramatic look. I recently updated my lighting kit to offer the softest key light for interview shoots, containing a large light source for maximum softness, contrast, and control. The Aputure LS 600d is perfect for interview lighting, combined with the Light Dome, providing a very even wrap around the subject while minimizing light spill.

- Aputure LS 600d Pro Light Storm Daylight LED Light
- Aputure F10 Fresnel
- Aputure Light Dome II (34.8")
- Aputure Light Storm LS 60x Bi-Color LED Light

Multi-Camera Viewing / Zoom

Many of my clients request interviews be conducted via Zoom and shot with the Sony FX6 and FX3. Using the Atomos Ninja Cast, I can efficiently monitor and switch four cameras directly into the laptop via USB-C for client framing approval while offering a more dynamic interview experience over Zoom. Atomos Ninja V+ Switch & Stream Kit, 8K HDMI Switches up to four HDMI inputs to one HDMI output and via USB-C into Zoom

Documentary Filming

Earlier this year, I traveled to Grenada to film a documentary with the BBC, "Grenada, Confronting The Past". I chose to work on this project with the Sony FX6 cinema camera and the Easyrig Minimax STABIL light gimbal/ camera support system. The FX6 was the perfect camera to film this documentary because it's small and lightweight, allowing maximum mobility and creativity in a fast-paced environment where I needed to follow the action and maintain a small footprint regarding gear size.


I own and work with the latest Sony cinema line of cameras, the Fx9, and Fx6.

Core Spotlight

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A range of my work, from clients such as ABC, Amazon, BBC, etc.

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B-Roll of New York City during the Covid-19 shut down.

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About me

I would describe myself as a highly dedicated, organized, and flexible broadcasting professional with seventeen years of experience. I'm exceptionally talented in a wide range of broadcast sectors. Overseeing all aspects from camera operations, editing, creating workflows, working in team environments, and adhering to strict on-air deadlines. I own and work with a range of Sony cameras, including the Sony Fx9, Fx6 and Fx3.
I am FAA-approved to fly drones for commercial use.

Cinematography and editing

I am freelance contracted to work with a range of high-profile clients such as National Geographic, Vice, Amazon, Al Jazeera English, ITN, BBC, and SpotX (to name a few clients) to manage and produce broadcast content across a range of platforms; from broadcast tv, online and social media Instagram vertical content.

production and planning

Liaising with producers and clients to ensure deadlines are met. I’ve been responsible for video content production and stylistic direction in roles for Amazon, Vice, and ABC, to name a few. I can manage client briefs, time frames, and budgets.

broadcast production

I am highly proficient in the operation of the Sony Fx9. Fx6, F5, and Fs7ii cameras, editing platforms, and live streaming/ encoding systems like LIveU and Dejero.


Having worked on productions and newsroom teams all my career, I am used to working as a member of a strong team unit and adapting well to new workflows and environments. I love problem-solving and creating the highest quality content on each production I'm assigned to work on. I have worked all over the USA, Asia, and Australia with clients such as Vice, ABC, Al Jazeera, TRT World News, BBC, Seven, and Nine News Australia, to name a few. I have a recommended contact list to assemble a professional team for filming or post-production quickly.


– DP, Multi-Camera, Sound, Lighting

– DP, Sound, Lighting

– DP, Sound, Lighting

– DP, Sound, Lighting, Editing, Drone

– DP, Multi-Camera, Lighting

– DP, Multi-Camera, Lighting

– DP, Multi-Camera, Lighting

– DP, Lighting, Sound


– DP, Sound, Lighting

– DP, Multi-Camera, Lighting

– DP, Multi-Camera, Sound, Lighting

– DP, Multi-Camera

– DP, Multi-Camera, Lighting

– DP, Multi-Camera, Sound, Lighting

– DP, Sound, Lighting

– DP, Multi-Camera, Lighting | +1 347 922 3836​

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