Stephen Greaves

New York City-Based Australian Freelance DP / Camera Operator with LiveU Capabilities. Documentaries, Multi-Camera Corporate Productions, In-Field International Newsgathering.

I would describe myself as a highly dedicated, organized, and flexible creative broadcasting professional with 19 years of experience in the industry. I am exceptionally skilled in a diverse range of cinematic broadcast sectors, overseeing all creative aspects from pre-production to production and post-production. With my specialization in director of photography and editing, I bring a unique set of talents to any project I work on.

In addition to my in-field ENG work, I offer ENG services that include providing live broadcasts from the field using the LiveU LU300S.

Stephen Greaves, New York-based Australian freelance DP/Camera Operator. Specializing in documentary filming and conducting high-profile multi-camera interviews. Equipped with LiveU capabilities, for ENG and live productions.

Recent Work

I often work with Amazon. Al Jazeera International. ABC Australia. Seven Network Australia. Nine Network Australia. BBC World News. Dyson. Vice. Spotx. Al Jazeera Arabic.

60 Minutes Australia | Seven Sharp | BBC Documentaries | Talk to Al Jazeera | Four Corners | Spotlight

Production Update

As a creative professional and small business owner in the production industry, I always look for ways to innovate and move with industry trends. So I wanted to take a moment to update you on the latest equipment and work I've been trusted to shoot from New York and abroad.

My diverse skill set enables me to excel in a wide array of genres, ranging from documentary filming with BBC to high-profile multi-camera interview shoots for 60 Minutes Australia. I relish the variety that comes with my work, whether it's setting up and lighting multi-camera interviews or immersing myself in the field, capturing unfolding stories as they happen.

To provide a comprehensive and seamless package on-location, I've made a significant upgrade to my equipment. With the ownership of the LiveU LU300S, I can now conduct live crosses effortlessly through the power of the 5G cell network.

I'm passionate about each project I work on and the technical tools I've invested in for my clients and their production needs.

Documentary Filming

In 2022, I had the opportunity to film a documentary titled "Grenada, Confronting the Past" in Grenada, in collaboration with the BBC.

To bring this project to life, I selected the Sony FX6 cinema camera and the Easyrig Minimax STABIL light gimbal/camera support system.

The FX6 proved to be the ideal camera for capturing this documentary due to its compact and lightweight design, which enabled me to be highly mobile and creative in a fast-paced environment where I needed to keep up with the action while keeping gear size to a minimum.

Interview Lighting

I am truly passionate about crafting a moody and dramatic atmosphere while lighting interviews. Recently, I took the opportunity to upgrade my lighting kit, ensuring the softest possible key light for interview shoots. The large light source offers maximum softness, contrast, and control, elevating the visual impact of each scene.

To achieve this, I rely on the Aputure LS 600d, an exceptional lighting tool that proves perfect for interviews. When combined with the Light Dome, it delivers a beautifully even wrap around the subject while effectively reducing light spill.

This setup is clearly demonstrated in my recent feature "Experts warning about outdated approach to tame inflation" on 60 Minutes Australia.

LiveU | Multi-Camera Viewing | Zoom

Leveraging the cutting-edge LiveU LU300S technology, I can provide a comprehensive and seamless on-location package, enabling effortless live crosses through the 5G cell network.

In response to my clients' frequent requests for Zoom interviews, I utilize the Atomos Ninja Cast. This powerful tool seamlessly integrates up to 4 cameras and sound into the Zoom platform, ensuring a dynamic and engaging interview experience.

Sony Cinema Cameras

The Sony FX6 and FX3 cameras are my preferred tools for work due to their outstanding capabilities. Both cameras feature S-Cinetone cinematic color science, full-frame image sensors, and impressive dynamic range, making them a perfect fit for multi-camera productions, well-lit interiors, and outdoor documentary shooting.

Furthermore, the cameras' portability is one of their main advantages, enabling more creative and dynamic shots. This is precisely why I have chosen the Sony FX6 and FX3 cameras for my work.

Corporate Work

Work with creative agencies such as Synima and Casual Films..


High profile multi-camera interviews.

Documentary filming

Long format documentary work for Al Jazeera and the BBC.

News & Live Crosses

Live, feature and breaking news for major networks around the globe.

Covid-19 B-Roll

B-Roll of New York City during the Covid-19 shut down.


I own and work with the latest Sony cinema line of cameras, the Fx9, and Fx6.

LiveU Broadcasting

Live broadcasts from the field using the LiveU LU300S.

Corporate Production

Work with creative agencies such as Synima and Casual Films.


ENG News services, multi-camera interviews.

Video Portfolio

A range of my work, from clients such as ABC, Amazon, BBC, etc.

Covid-19 B-Roll

B-Roll of New York City during the Covid-19 shut down.

Video Portfolio

A range of my work, from clients such as ABC, Amazon, BBC, etc.

Photography Portfolio

Photography from New York City, Burning Man, and around the globe.

Core Spotlight

Q&A on Core's website about Stephen Greaves and Mixel, inc.

Articles and Blog

Articles written about the projects I've worked on.

Video Portfolio

A range of my work, from clients such as ABC, Amazon, BBC, etc.

Core Spotlight

Q&A on Core's website about Stephen Greaves and Mixel, inc.

Vimeo Website

All my work, hosted on Vimeo.

Photography Portfolio

Photography from New York City, Burning Man, and around the globe.

Live Broadcasting - LiveU LU300S

LiveU LU300S
As part of my news gathering services, I specialize in delivering live crosses from the field, utilizing the LiveU LU300S 5G broadcasting unit.
IFB Communication and Performance
The kit comprises a pair of RemoteAmp amplifiers, coupled with Audio Implements earpieces, which facilitate IFB return audio through either LiveU or iPhone. This setup leverages the power of the 5G network, which is shared across AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, ensuring uninterrupted coverage and optimal performance.
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LiveU LU300s (5G)

As part of my ENG services, I provide live broadcasts from the field using the LiveU LU300S, utilizing the 5G network shared across AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon for seamless coverage and enhanced performance.

I chose the LU300S for its 5G compatibility. It supports up to four 5G/4G cellular connections from major carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, with two internal dual-SIM modems, two external modems, LAN, and one hot spot. This ensures a stable live stream, crucial for reliable connections required by various networks.

IFB return audio via iPhone or LiveU.

About Me

With 19 years of experience, I consider myself a highly dedicated, organized, and adaptable broadcasting professional. I have exceptional skills in a wide range of broadcast sectors, including camera operations, editing, workflow creation, team collaboration, and meeting on-air deadlines.
When it comes to equipment, I possess and operate an array of Sony cameras, including the Sony Fx9, Fx6, and Fx3. Beyond my in-field ENG work, I also offer comprehensive ENG services, facilitating live broadcasts from the field using the LiveU LU300S.
Additionally, I hold FAA approval for commercial drone operations.

Cinematography and Editing

As a freelance contractor, I have the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of esteemed clients, such as Shoot You, Casual Films, National Geographic, Vice, Amazon, Al Jazeera English, ITN, BBC, and many more. Together, we engage in the creation and management of production content across multiple platforms, encompassing broadcast TV, online streaming, and social media—including Instagram vertical content.

Production and Planning

In my collaborative roles with producers and clients, my foremost focus lies in meeting deadlines and fostering clear communication. I have assumed responsibilities entailing video content production management and providing stylistic direction. My experience encompasses adeptly handling client briefs, operating within defined time frames, and adhering to project budgets with precision.

Broadcast Production

My expertise includes operating Sony Fx9, Fx6, F5, and Fs7ii cameras, as well as editing platforms and live streaming/encoding systems such as LiveU and Dejero.


Being a team player is one of my key strengths, cultivated through extensive experience in productions and newsrooms throughout my career. My adaptability to new workflows and environments allows me to excel in problem-solving and deliver high-quality content for every project I undertake. Over the course of my career, I have had the privilege of working on esteemed shows such as 60 Minutes Australia, 101 East, Talk to Al Jazeera, Seven Sharp, and many more across the USA, Asia, and Australia.
Furthermore, I maintain a comprehensive list of trusted contacts that I can readily call upon to assemble a professional team for filming or post-production needs.

Recent Notable Work

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