Rec709a Settings and Interview Set-Up

Camera Matrix Settings Slog3, Rec709a is just one of the many settings clients request I shoot in. While Slog3 is maximizing the full dynamic range of the cameras sensor, burning in Rec709a seems to be quiet counter intuitive, however in certain situations there are a few benefits. Under this setting I would liken it to […]

Multi-Camera Interview Set-Up and Equipment

During the United Nations General Assembly Dan and I were responsible for shooting multi-camera interviews for Talk to Al Jazeera. I thought it might be of some interest to share our set-up and the gear used. Most locations and shoots share similar set-ups, I’ll explain the set-up used for the “Hotel Suite Interview” I’ll add […]

Roll To Record

Clients expect the highest level of production quality for multi-camera interviews with high-profile guests. It’s important to have the right experience, equipment, and camera configurations to streamline the entire multi-camera production, from set-up and recording to delivery. Many projects also have budget or time constraints that can add additional post-production challenges. At a recent shoot, […]

Premiere Pro CC Split Audio

Premiere Pro I feel is complex when its comes to how it handles audio. This guide will explain how to set up a mono multi channel audio sequence having full control over how many channels of audio the final video contains and what channels the audio is mapped to. When you open a new sequence, […]