BBC | Amina Mohammed

► Women shouldn’t have to feel “grateful” for getting opportunities, says UN Deputy Secretary General Amina Mohammed in an interview to launch the BBC 100 Women 2018 season.

BBC | The Unstoppable Sharapova? Behind the Scenes.

► Looking to offer my clients a more dynamic product, I purchased the Rhino Slider, which autonomously tracks and pans a camera. I’ve used it in a number of recent shoots to provide extra production value. Check out the behind-the-scenes video below to see the result in a BBC interview shot last week with two […]

BBC | The Unstoppable Sharapova?

► Maria Sharapova is back on the tennis circuit after serving her 15-month ban. In a BBC News special, Laura Trevelyan speaks to the tennis star about her career and route back to redemption.

BBC | Memorialising Grenfell Tower

► One year after the devastating Grenfell Tower fire which claimed the lives of 72 people, survivors and local community groups are turning their minds to what should be done with the site of the disaster and how its victims should be remembered. A report by Katie Razzall and Stuart Denman. Newsnight is the BBC’s […]